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Developmental and political dilemmas of the Eastern Cape
Somadoda Fikeni (Alice, December 2010)

No Paper available

Book Launch: The Mandela Decade: Culture and Society in Post Apartheid South Africa by Ari Sitas
Prof P. Ntuli, Ms B. Hogan (Cape Town, December 2010)


Colloquium: Gender-based Violence
Kholeka Lubelwana, Prof K. Khanabiran, Yvette Abrahams and Ms S Waterhouse (Cape Town, November 2010)

Refer to Conferences

Community Building Video Workshop
Pamela Ngwenya (Durban, November 2010)

No Paper available

SA Today: From Freedom to transformation. Where do we stand?
Mr. Jay Naidoo (Cape Town, November 2010)


Tribute to Professor Fatima Meyer
Goolam Vahed, Ashwin Desai (Durban, November 2010)

No Paper available

Lessons of the strike, Wave across South Africa
Frans Baleni (Johannesburg, October 2010)


Indians in South Africa:150 Years
Prof. D. Menon, Ms. E. Gandhi (Durban, October 2010)


Six Teaspoons of Sweetness:The Ukuthwala Custom.
Bulelwa Nosilela, Russell Kaschula and Tim Huisamen (Grahamstown, October 2010)


'Culture and Identity - some of us choose to transgress'
Ms Nomboniso Gasa (Grahamstown, October 2010)

No Paper available

Corruption In Our Society
Dr Iraj Abedian (Cape Town, September 2010)

Corruption in Society: Impact on South Africa's Developmental Path

The life and work of an African Anthropologist and Eastern Cape Intellectual.
V.Swana,Dr A. Nkonyeni,N. Mafeje, G. Hendricks, Prof R. Hirschon, Prof. A Bank (East London, September 2010)

No Paper available

In Service of Racial Dystopia: Anxiety and Fantasy in the Figure of "The Maid"
Dr. Shireen Ally (Cape Town, September 2010)

The Maid
"In Service of Racial Dystopia"
"The Maid"

Sex, sexuality, and male violence
Dr AnnMarie Wolpe (Cape Town, September 2010)

Article on Cape Times

Media, Information and Freedom?
Brij Maharaj, Priths Dullay, Patrick Mkhize, Angela Quintal (Durban, August 2010)

No Paper available

The Politics and Economics of Food
Prof. J. Cock and Dr. S. Roberts (Johannesburg, August 2010)

No Paper available

Media Censorship
Prof.Pierre de Vos, Dr Laurie Nathan (Cape Town, August 2010)

Media Censorship
Media Censorship

The Green Economy:New Global Fad?Greenwashing? Or Agenda?
Prof. Mark Swilling (East London, July 2010)

The Green economy

A Colloquium of Scholar Activists:Social Justice Ideas in Civil Society Politics, Global and Local
Collin Barker, Ashwin Desai, Seongjin Jeong,Trevor Ngwane and Pamela Ngwenya (Durban, July 2010)

No Paper available

World Cup Legacy Revisited
Speaker: Professor Kamilla Swart, Head, Centre for Tourism Research in Africa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town, July 2010)

The 2010 Legacy

Never Again Xenophobia!Solidarity!
A group of community project activists (Durban, July 2010)

Report on the Rally- KZN

Debates in and about global justice movements a decade on
Patrick Bond (Durban, July 2010)

Debates in and about global justice movements a decade on

Who scores in 2010?
Community Speakers (Durban, June 2010)

No Paper available

Politics of Youth and Youth Politics
Mr Mbulelo Mandlana and Mr Bongani Xeswi (East London, June 2010)

No Paper available

The 2010 Legacy-Exploring The Myths And Realities
Dr. Dale McKingley (Cape Town, June 2010)

South African Soccer
The 2010 Legacy

Football's Tsars: Politics and Capital in the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Prof. S. Corenelissen, Dr. D. McKinley (Johannesburg, June 2010)

No Paper available

Is Social Conservatism on the Rise in South Africa
Dr Dale McKinley (East London, May 2010)

The Changing Political Face of The God Squad

World Orders
Prof. E.N. Sahle (Durban, May 2010)

No Paper available

African Soccerscapes
Peter Alegi (Grahamstown, May 2010)

No Paper available

Current Realities in Zimbabwe
Panelists & Topics: Prof Ben Cousins & Mr Tendai Murisa - (Cape Town, May 2010)

Land reform in Zimbabwe is not the disaster it is made out to be
What options for Zimbabwe?
Blood Diamonds and Zimbabwe's Fragile Political Transition

Are We Getting The Housing We Deserve?
Prof Leslie Bank (East London, April 2010)

No Paper available

The Stadia and the Socio-economic and Political Impact of the 2010 World Cup
Prof Ashwin Desai , Prof Brij Maharaj Christopher McMichael (PhD candidate) (Grahamstown, April 2010)

Appearance and Reality

Universities in Crisis: The Challenge of Transformation
Prof Michael Burawoy (Cape Town, April 2010)

Universities in Crisis- The Challenges of Transformation

The Itinary of Social Democracy
Prof Donald Sassoon, Mr. Firoz Cachalia, chair, (Johannesburg, April 2010)

No Paper available

National Health Insurance? Or National Health System
Prof Di McIntyre Dr Karl von Holdt (Johannesburg, April 2010)

National Health Insurance or National Health System

Is a National Health Insurance Scheme a Solution to The Healthcare Crisis
Prof. Sanders & Dr Siva Pillay (East London, April 2010)

No Paper available

Universities in Crisis:Transformation in Higher Education
Prof.Saleem Badat (Johannesburg, March 2010)


2010 kicked off in March with a day of activities paying tribute to Dennis Brutus. It ended with Professor Yash Tandon delivering the Wolpe Lecture dedicated Dennis Brutus
Yash Tandon (Durban, March 2010)

What is global apartheid, and why do we fight it?

The destructive course of European Union-Africa Economic Partnership agreements and an alternative course towards Africa's Integration
Prof Yash Tandon (Cape Town, March 2010)

Yash Tandon, The EPA Negotiations with Europe: A Turning Point for Africa

Marxism & renewal in the 21st Century
Michael Burrawoy (Johannesburg, March 2010)


The Politics of Gender and Social Movements around HIV/AIDS
Ida Susser, Ph.D (Cape Town, February 2010)