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The greatest threat to future stability in our country VS The greatest strength of Abahlali baseMjondolo movement, South Africa
Sbu Zikode, Abahlali baseMjondolo movement (Durban, June 2006)

4Zikode Paper (pdf 52kb)

Black economic empowerment: No change in the class position of workers
Roger Ronnie, General secretary of the South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) (Grahamstown, May 2006)

4Ronnie Paper (pdf 110kb)

Planning for the future: The energy question
John Walmsley, Hon President of the Institution of Nuclear Engineers (South Africa Branch) and Mike Kantey, Environmental lobbyist and Convenor of the Koeberg Alert Alliance (Cape Town, May 2006)

4Walmsley Paper (pdf 85kb)
4Kantey Paper (pdf 45kb)

Ethics and the professions
Prof Solly Benatar, Dept of Medicine / Bioethics Centre, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, April 2006)

Article (pdf 27kb)
Is there still a denialism about HIV/AIDS in South Africa?
Fatima Hassan, AIDS Law Project and Treatment Action Campaign (Cape Town, March 2006)
4Transcript (pdf 54kb)
Paper (pdf 56kb)
Race and ethnicity in nation-building in post-apartheid South Africa
Dr Neville Alexander, PRAESA, University of Cape Town (East London, March 2006)
No paper available
Land and the agrarian question: What does this mean for South Africa today?
Associate Prof Lungisile Ntsebeza, Dept of Sociology, University of South Africa (Alice, February 2006)
No paper available
Youth unemployment and education in South Africa
Dr Haroon Bhorat, Development Policy Research Unit, University of Cape Town; Joy Papier, FET Institute, University of the Western Cape; and, Salim Vally, Education Policy Unit, University of the Witwatersrand (Cape Town, February 2006)
4Discussion (pdf 99kb)
Papier paper (pdf 67kb)
Bhorat (ppt 811kb)

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After the interregnum: International aid in the service of security
Prof Alan Fowler, Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, December 2005)

4Fowler report (pdf 264kb)

Language, class and power in post-apartheid South Africa
Dr Neville Alexander, Project for the Study of Education in South Africa (Cape Town, October 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 134kb)
Paper (pdf 113kb)
Article (html 8kb)

Labour market flexibility: Will a social pact help?
Prof Halton Cheadle, Dept of Law, University of Cape Town, and Gwede Mantashe, General Secretary: National Union of Mineworkers (Johannesburg, October 2005)

4Cheadle (pdf 28kb)
Mantashe (pdf 36kb)

Regional labour solidarity and a new regional movement in post-apartheid Southern Africa: Retail workers in Mozambique and Zambia
Dr Darlene Miller and Greg Ruiters, Rhodes University (Durban, October 2005)

4Paper (pdf 187kb)

The struggle for Zimbabwe: Contesting the meaning of liberation
Wilfred Mhanda, Zimbabwean activist (Durban, September 2005)

4Paper (pdf 63kb)

Defining the public interest: The SABC as a public broadcaster
Dr Snuki Zikalala, Head of News: SABC, and Tawana Kupe, School of Language & Literature Studies, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, September 2005)

4Zikalala (pdf 33kb)
Kupe (pdf 57kb)

Human rights, Muslims, and the war on terror
Prof Farid Esack, Xavier University, Cincinnati (Cape Town, August 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 97kb)
Paper (pdf 83kb)
Article (html 6kb)

Slow delivery in South Africa's land reform programme: The property clause revisited
Prof Lungisile Ntsebeza, University of Cape Town (Durban, August 2005)

4Paper (html 38kb)

Is globalisation good for Africa?
Kuseni Dlamini, AngloGold Ashanti, and Dot Keet, Alternative Information Development Centre (Cape Town, July 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 89kb)
Article (html 6kb)

Unions and social movements in South Africa: Will the twain ever meet?
Dinga Sikwebu, ex-National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Durban, July 2005)

No paper available

Critical capacities: Facing the challenges of intellectual development in Africa
Prof Amina Mama, African Gender Institute (Durban, June 2005)

4Paper (html 61kb)

The rise of disaster capitalism
Naomi Klein, Independent writer (Durban, June 2005)

4Paper (html 27kb)

Good Muslim, bad Muslim: America, the Cold War and the origin of terror
Prof Mahmood Mamdani, Columbia University, New York (Durban, June 2005)

No paper available

Black economic empowerment
Dali Mpofu, Group CEO of SABC, and Willy Madisha, Chairperson: Cosatu (Johannesburg, June 2005)

4Mpofu (pdf 36kb)
Madisha (pdf 30kb)

Technological choice in a developing country: A focus on nuclear power and genetically modified foods
Dr David Fig, independent policy analyst and Chairperson: Biowatch South Africa (Cape Town, May 2005)

4Discussion (pdf 73kb)
Paper (pdf 76kb)
Article (html 7kb)

Is there any future in the past? A critique of the Freedom Charter in the era of neoliberalism
Console Tleane, Freedom of Expression Institute (Durban, May 2005)

4Paper (html 67kb)

Social movements and the State
Mark Heywood, Treatment Action Campaign, and Trevor Ngwane, Anti-Privatisation Forum (Johannesburg, May 2005)

4Heywood (pdf 32kb)
Ngwane (pdf 28kb)

Does black economic empowerment advance socio-economic transformation in South Africa?
Zamikhaya Maseti, political economy analyst; Discussant: Prof Roger Southall, Distinguished Research Fellow: Democracy and Governance research programme, Human Sciences Research Council (Cape Town, April 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 110kb)
Article (html 7kb)

Democracy and the importance of criticism, dissent and public dialogue
William Mervin Gumede, School of Public & Development Management, Wits University (Durban, April 2005)

4Paper (html 40kb)

The Afrikaners: Who are they? What is their future?
Prof Jakes Gerwel, Mandela Rhodes Foundation, and Danie Goosen, Groep van 63
(Johannesburg, April 2005)

4Gerwel (pdf 35kb)
Goosen (pdf 34kb)

Gender-based violence and sexuality in South Africa: Challenges for new direction
Dr Elaine Salo, African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town; Discussant: Zackie Achmat, Chairperson: Treatment Action Campaign (Cape Town, March 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 95kb)

Keeping it in their pants: Politicians, men and sexual assault in South Africa
Charlene Smith, journalist and author (Durban, March 2005)

4Paper (html 40kb)

South Africa in Africa: In whose interest?
Kuseni Dlamini, AngloGold Ashanti, and Trevor Ncube, CEO Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg, March 2005)

4Dlamini (pdf 36kb)
Ncube (pdf 34kb)

The role of intellectuals in South Africa
Dr Blade Nzimande, General Secretary, South African Communist Party, and Dr Xolela Mangcu, Executive Director, Human Sciences Research Council (Johannesburg, February 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 43kb)

The global justice movement: Old and new socialisms
Greg Albo (Durban, February 2005)

No paper available

Research funding and the consequences for university research
Dr David Woods, Vice-Chancellor, Rhodes University (
Cape Town, February 2005)

4Transcript (pdf 82kb)

Witch hunts and war scares: Political repression in America - from the Puritans to the Patriot Act
Prof Ellen Schrecker, Yeshiva University, New York (
Cape Town, January 2005)

4Paper (pdf 91kb)

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The global justice movement five years after Seattle
Prof Dennis Brutus, Dept of Africana Studies, University of Pittsburg (Durban, November 2004)

No paper available
Imperialism and resistance
Tariq Ali, Editor: New Left Review and Verso (Durban, November 2004)
No paper available

The South African Bill of Rights and the African Renaissance: Incompatible values?
Dennis Davies, High Court Judge (Cape Town, September 2004)

4Transcript (html 48kb)

The politicisation of sexuality in post-apartheid South Africa Prof Deborah Posel, Director:
Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (Durban, August 2004)

No paper available
Building and sustaining a women's movement in the Zimbabwean crisis
Everjoice Win, Zimbabwean feminist activist (Durban, August 2004)
No paper available

Who is an African?
Dr Wallace Mgoqi, City of Cape Town (Cape Town, June 2004)

4Paper (html 23kb)
Article (html 5kb)
Are we living the dream deferred?
Mark Gevisser, independent scholar (Durban, June 2004)
No paper available

Inequality in South Africa: Nature, causes and responses
Prof Stephen Gelb, The Edge Institute (Cape Town, May 2004)

4Gelb report (pdf 1094kb)

The state of the media ten years into democracy
Ferial Haffejee, Editor: Mail & Guardian (Durban, May 2004)

4Paper (html 35kb)

Ten years of democracy: A review
Prof Patrick Bond, University of the Witwatersrand (Durban, April 2004)

4Paper (pdf 559kb)

Presence of the past: The relevance to South Africa
Prof Andre du Toit, Department of Political Studies, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, March 2004)

4Transcript (html 40kb)
Article (html 9kb)

Capitalism and world (dis)order
Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, Johns Hopkins University (Durban, March 2004)

No paper available

The Communal Land Rights Bill
Advocate P. Holomisa, Contralesa and ANC MP, and Ms Aninka Claassens, consultant on land issues (Cape Town, February 2004)

4Transcript (html 39kb)
Article (html 10kb)
The Constitution: Ten years on, ten years to go
Zackie Achmat, Chairperson: Treatment Action Campaign (Durban, February 2004)
No paper available

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Transition to democracy in Zimbabwe: A civil society perspective
Hosted in partnership with the Zimbabwe Advocacy Campaign.
Brian Raftopolous, Chair of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, and Mike Auret, formerly Director of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe and ex MDC MP for Harare Central (2000 -2002) (Cape Town, December 2003)

4Transcript (html 44kb)
Article (html 10kb)

Anti-Semitism or Anti-Zionism
Prof Milton Shain, Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department, University of Cape Town and Jonathan Shapiro, Editorial Cartoonist (Cape Town, November 2003)

4Transcript (html 37kb)
Article (html 8kb)
Why South African democracy has not reduced inequality
Prof Stephen Friedman (Durban, November 2003)
No paper available

Another journalism is possible: Critical challenges for the media in South Africa
Jane Duncan, Freedom of Expression Institute (Durban, October 2003)

4Paper (html 79kb)

The making of manhood in Xhosa society: Challenges for gender equality
Nomboniso Gasa (Cape Town, September 2003)

4Article (html 7kb)
Education and social movements: From people's education to neoliberalism
Salim Vally (Durban, September 2003)
No paper available

Teacher education: The challenges of recruiting, training and retaining teachers
Panelists: Penny Vinjavold (Chief Director: Education Planning, Provincial Administration of the Western Cape), Prof Maureen Robinson (Dean: Faculty of Education, Cape Technikon), Allan Liebenberg (Principal: Crestway High School) (Cape Town, August 2003)

4Transcript (html 44kb)

The African Renaissance and the neoliberal world order
Dr Neville Alexander, Project on Alternative Education in South Africa (Durban, August 2003)

No paper available

What's happened to the workers? Implications of informalisation of 'work'
Prof Eddie Webster, Sociology of Work Unit, University of the Witwatersrand;
Discussant: Prof Johan Maree (Cape Town, July 2003)

4Transcript (html 43kb)

The death of race
David Theo Goldberg (Durban, July 2003)

No paper available

Economic growth and poverty alleviation
Philip Dexter; Respondent: Prof Pieter le Roux (Cape Town, June 2003)

4Transcript (html 46 kb)
Land: Critical choices for South Africa
Andile Mngxitama, National Land Committee (Durban, June 2003)
No paper available

An incomplete transformation: What is to be done?
Prof Sampie Terreblanche, Department of Economics, University of Stellenbosch;
Discussant: Rob Davies, Chairperson: Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry (Cape Town, May 2003)

4Transcript (html 56kb)

Passageways: Revisiting self, the society of the spectacle, and Moby Dick in the wake of September 11
Darryl Accone (Durban, May 2003)

4Paper (html 60kb)

Combating poverty: South Africa's BIG challenge
Neil Coleman, Cosatu and BIG Coalition; Discussant: Jeremy Seekings, Centre for Social Science Research, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, April 2003)

4Transcript (html 58kb)

A South African architecture: What is it, where is it?
Prof Alan Lipman (Durban, April 2003)

4Paper (html 36kb)

George Bush, the American State and the new far right
Prof Dan O'Meara;
Discussant: Dr Pallo Jordan (Cape Town, March 2003)

4Transcript (html 64kb)

AIDS: Crisis and resistance
Prof Alan Whiteside and Mark Heywood (Durban, March 2003)

No paper available

Inequality in South Africa
Prof Sampie Terreblanche, University of Stellenbosch (Durban, February 2003)

No paper available

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Organising for second freedom
Ela Bhatt, Founder: Self-Employed Women's Association, India (Durban, December 2002)

4Paper (html 32kb)
The changing nature of capital since 1994
Dr Neva Makgetla, COSATU;
Discussant: Dr D Kaplan, Chief Economist, Department of Trade and Industry (Cape Town, November 2002)
No paper available

The (self-imposed) crisis of the black intellectual
Prof Jonathan Jansen, University of Pretoria (Durban, November 2002)

4Paper (html 42kb)

The threat of war with Iraq
Dr Pallo Jordan, Chair: Parliamentary Foreign Policy Group (Cape Town, October 2002)

4Paper (html 33kb)

The Basic Income Grant: Poverty, politics and policy-making
Ravi Naidoo, National Labour and Economic Development Institute (Durban, October 2002)

4Paper (html 37kb)

Journalism in the age of the market
Prof Anton Harber, University of the Witwatersrand (Durban, September 2002)

4Paper (html 45kb)
Fences and windows: Fencing people out, fencing resources in, window of opportunity
Naomi Klein, columnist, author and activist; Discussant: Ashwin Desai, University of Natal (Durban, September 2002)
No paper available

The Nevirapine case
Geoff Budlender, Legal Resources Centre (Cape Town, August 2002)

4Transcript (html 47kb)

Cost recovery and municipal services in South Africa
Dr David McDonald, Queens University, Canada (Durban, August 2002)

4Paper (html 94kb)

African development: Are there alternatives to NEPAD?
Dr Stephen Gelb, The Edge Institute (Durban, July 2002)

No paper available

The state of the nation
Prof Sipho Seepe, Vista University, and Dr Pallo Jordan, ANC MP (Durban, June 2002)

No paper available

Sexual violence: The way forward
Panel: Advocate Bronwyn Pithey (Sexual Offences & Community Affairs Unit, Office of National Director of Public Prosecutions),
Mr Cas Saloojee (MP), Nikki Schaay (School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape), Chief Patekile Holomisa (MP, President of Contralesa) (Cape Town, May 2002)

4Transcript (html 52kb)

Land and agrarian reform
Prof Ben Cousins and Mr Edward Lahiff, Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies, University of the Western Cape (Cape Town, April 2002)

4Transcript (html 49kb)

The Zimbabwean election
Assoc Prof Patrick Bond, Graduate School of Public & Development Management, University of Witwatersrand (Cape Town, March 2002)

No paper available

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Parliamentary oversight and the arms deal
Mr Richard Calland, Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Cape Town, November 2001)

No paper available

Emigration, immigration and the complexities of emigration
Prof Robin Cohen, Dean of Humanities, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, August 2001)

No paper available

White guilt, reparation and transformation: Joint public meeting/panel discussion with Idasa and Mail & Guardian
Prof Wilmot James, Mr Langa Zita (MP), Ms Mary Burton (Black Sash), Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk (National Party) (Cape Town, April 2001)

No paper available

Co-operative government, power relations and decision-making
Dr Norman Levy, University of the Western Cape;
Discussant: Christina Murray, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, March 2001)

4Transcript (html 91kb)

Declaration of commitment by white South Africans
Laurie Nathan, Centre for Conflict Resolution;
Discussant: Mr Jeremy Cronin, MP (Cape Town, February 2001)

4Transcript (html 46kb)

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Is an accord between the government, business, community and labour desirable and necessary for development in South Africa and what is the role for Nedlac in the structuring of such an accord?
Dr Phillip Dexter;
Discussant: Dr Johan Maree, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, October 2000)

4Transcript (html 56kb)

Challenges facing historically black universities
Prof Peter Vale, Acting Vice Rector (Academic), University of the Western Cape;
Discussant: Ian Bunting, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, August 2000)

4Transcript (html 60kb)

The impact of socio-economic restructuring on the working class and the challenges facing them
Ravi Naidoo, NALEDI (Cape Town, August 2000)

4Transcript (html 70kb)

Trade unions and changes in the labour process
Neil Coleman, COSATU; Dis
cussant: Joel Netshitenze, Chief of the ANC Communications Unit (Cape Town, June 2000)

No paper available

The ANC/SACP/Cosatu alliance
Jeremy Cronin, MP;
Discussant: Sipho Maseko, MP (Cape Town, May 2000)

4Transcript (html 40kb)

The battles of Seattle: The politics of globalisation
Dr Rob Davies, MP;
Discussant: Prof Nikki Nattrass, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, March 2000)

No paper available

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The State of higher education 1999: Are we on the road to the 21st century?
Dr Nico Cloete; Discussant: Prof Dan Nciyana, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, November 1999)

No paper available

The State of higher education 1999: Are we on the road to the 21st century?
Dr Nico Cloete; D
iscussant: Prof Dan Nciyana, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, October 1999)

No paper available

Understanding and accounting for the changes in employment patterns in South Africa
Dr Haroon Bhorat, Development Policy Research Unit, University of Cape Town;
Discussant: Mr Rob Davis, MP (Cape Town, September 1999)

No paper available
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in perspective
Prof Colin Bundy; Discussant: Prof Mahmoud Mamdani (Cape Town, March 1999)
No paper available
The Role of the State in transformation
Mr Phillip Dexter, MP (Cape Town, February 1999)
No paper available
The relation between the South African Communist Party and the ANC
Mr Blade Nzimande, MP (Cape Town, November 1998)
No paper available

Macro-economic management
Dr Iraj Abedian, University of Cape Town (Cape Town, June 1998)

No paper available

Revisiting the national question
Prof Wilmot James (Cape Town, March 1998)

No paper available
Globalisation, the state, the politics of identity, and the politics of reconciliation
Mr Rob Davis, MP (Cape Town, February 1998)
No paper available

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