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CAPE TOWN Open dialogue events hosted by the Wolpe Trust national office


DURBAN Wolpe lecture series hosted by the Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal


JOHANNESBURG Wolpe seminar series hosted hosted by The Department of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand


EASTERN CAPE Wolpe lecture series hosted by the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council, Rhodes University, and the University of Fort Hare

  Eastern Cape open dialogue events

Education for Liberation
Enver Motala (East London, November 2011)
No Paper available
Striking against inequality or damaging the economy?
Leonard Gentle (Alice, September 2011)
No Paper available
"Pretty enough to print"powerful enough to .....convert
Vashna Jagarnath (Grahamstown, September 2011)
No Paper available
Striking against ineqaulity or damaging the economy?
Leonard Gentle (East London, September 2011)
No Paper available
What does the western economic crisis mean for South Africa?
Dr Seeraj Mohammed (East London, August 2011)
"Why Economic Inequality Matters"
Martin Wilkinson (Alice, May 2011)
No Paper available
The West, the Arab World and its Discontents
Dr Tariq Ali (East London, April 2011)
No Paper available
The New Arab Revolution:Contemporary Politics in North Africa and the Middle East
John Rose (East London, March 2011)
No Paper available
Communal Land, Traditional Leadership and Rural Development in the Eastern Cape
Mazibuko Jara, Leslie Bank, Clifford Mabhena (East London, March 2011)
No Paper available
Uprising in Egypt, turmoil in the Arab world:is the genie of democracy out of the bottle?
Na'eem Jeenah (East London, February 2011)
No Paper available
The Dilemma of Job Creation and Decent work
Prof Edward Webster (East London, February 2011)
No Paper available
Developmental and political dilemmas of the Eastern Cape
Somadoda Fikeni (Alice, December 2010)
No Paper available
Six Teaspoons of Sweetness:The Ukuthwala Custom.
Bulelwa Nosilela, Russell Kaschula and Tim Huisamen (Grahamstown, October 2010)
'Culture and Identity - some of us choose to transgress'
Ms Nomboniso Gasa (Grahamstown, October 2010)
No Paper available
The life and work of an African Anthropologist and Eastern Cape Intellectual.
V.Swana,Dr A. Nkonyeni,N. Mafeje, G. Hendricks, Prof R. Hirschon, Prof. A Bank (East London, September 2010)
No Paper available
The Green Economy:New Global Fad?Greenwashing? Or Agenda?
Prof. Mark Swilling (East London, July 2010)
The Green economy
Politics of Youth and Youth Politics
Mr Mbulelo Mandlana and Mr Bongani Xeswi (East London, June 2010)
No Paper available
Is Social Conservatism on the Rise in South Africa
Dr Dale McKinley (East London, May 2010)
The Changing Political Face of The God Squad
African Soccerscapes
Peter Alegi (Grahamstown, May 2010)
No Paper available
Are We Getting The Housing We Deserve?
Prof Leslie Bank (East London, April 2010)
No Paper available
The Stadia and the Socio-economic and Political Impact of the 2010 World Cup
Prof Ashwin Desai , Prof Brij Maharaj Christopher McMichael (PhD candidate) (Grahamstown, April 2010)
Appearance and Reality
Is a National Health Insurance Scheme a Solution to The Healthcare Crisis
Prof. Sanders & Dr Siva Pillay (East London, April 2010)
No Paper available
Three Premiers
Jeff Peires (Grahamstown, September 2009)
Party and State in Post-Colonial Africa
Dr Somadoda Fikeni (East London, August 2009)
No Paper available
The Private Affairs of Public Pensions in South Africa
Fred Hendricks (East London, July 2009)
Will industrial strategy bring much needed jobs to South Africa?
Dr Seeraj Mohamed (East London, June 2009)
No Paper available
Game farms and the impact on Traditional Agricultural Labour
Nomalanga Mkhize, Femke Brandt & Prof Robin Palmer (East London, May 2009)
No Paper available
Social Accountability, the State and Development in Africa - The limits of Marxism and Liberalism in realising human rights in Africa
Colm Allan (East London, May 2009)
No Paper available
The Concept of Leadership: in the context of succession in South Africa
Adv Dumisa Ntsebeza (Grahamstown, November 2007)
No Paper available
National Democratic Revolution & Socialism - Can COSATU lead a struggle for Socialism in South Agrica
Silumko Nondwango - general secretary NUMSA (Port Elizabeth, November 2007)
No Paper available
Local development planning and possibilities for popular democracy in post-1994 South Africa
Prof Patrick Bond (Port Elizabeth, April 2007)
The state and economic development in Africa: Challenges for post-apartheid South Africa
Dr Neo Simutanyi, University of Zambia (East London, October 2006)
Enhancing our freedoms: Education and citizenship in South Africa
Crain Soudien (School of Education, University of Cape Town) (East London, October 2006)
Black economic empowerment
Lionel October, Deputy Director-General Department of Trade & Industry (East London, July 2006)
No Paper available
Black economic empowerment: No change in the class position of workers
Roger Ronnie, General Secretary of the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) (Grahamstown, May 2006)
Affirmative action and the perpetuation of racial identities in post-apartheid South Africa
Dr Neville Alexander, PRAESA, University of Cape Town (East London , March 2006)
Land and the agrarian question: What does this mean for South Africa today?
Associate Prof Lungisile Ntsebeza, Dept of Sociology, University of South Africa (Alice, February 2006)
No Paper available