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CAPE TOWN Open dialogue events hosted by the Wolpe Trust national office


DURBAN Wolpe lecture series hosted by the Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal


JOHANNESBURG Wolpe seminar series hosted hosted by The Department of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand


EASTERN CAPE Wolpe lecture series hosted by the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council, Rhodes University, and the University of Fort Hare

  Durban open dialogue events

Rights of Nature and Climate Politics
Pablo Solon (Durban , December 2011)
No Paper available
S A's transition: choice, fate, or recolonization?
John Saul & Trevor Ngwane (Durban, September 2011)
Will Palestine be free?
Mustafa Barghouti (Durban, August 2011)
No Paper available
"The second Arab revolt, the United States, and the future of Africa"
Immanuel Wallerstein (Durban, June 2011)
No Paper available
Shack Theatre: A short film
Florian Kunert, Phillip Holl and Justine Davy (Durban, May 2011)
No Paper available
An Election Debate: "To Vote or Not to Vote"
Mazibuko Jara, Alan Murphy (Durban, April 2011)
No Paper available
South Africa Pushed to the Limit: Song, Consent and the ANC under Zuma and Beyond
Hein Marais (Durban, March 2011)
No Paper available
Climate Teach-In
Blessing Karumbidza,Siziwe Khanyile, Bongani Mthembu, Molefi Ndlovu,Bobby Peek,Alice Thompson. (Durban, February 2011)
No Paper available
Community Building Video Workshop
Pamela Ngwenya (Durban, November 2010)
No Paper available
Tribute to Professor Fatima Meyer
Goolam Vahed, Ashwin Desai (Durban, November 2010)
No Paper available
Indians in South Africa:150 Years
Prof. D. Menon, Ms. E. Gandhi (Durban, October 2010)
Media, Information and Freedom?
Brij Maharaj, Priths Dullay, Patrick Mkhize, Angela Quintal (Durban, August 2010)
No Paper available
A Colloquium of Scholar Activists:Social Justice Ideas in Civil Society Politics, Global and Local
Collin Barker, Ashwin Desai, Seongjin Jeong,Trevor Ngwane and Pamela Ngwenya (Durban, July 2010)
No Paper available
Never Again Xenophobia!Solidarity!
A group of community project activists (Durban, July 2010)
Report on the Rally- KZN
Debates in and about global justice movements a decade on
Patrick Bond (Durban, July 2010)
Debates in and about global justice movements a decade on
Who scores in 2010?
Community Speakers (Durban, June 2010)
No Paper available
World Orders
Prof. E.N. Sahle (Durban, May 2010)
No Paper available
2010 kicked off in March with a day of activities paying tribute to Dennis Brutus. It ended with Professor Yash Tandon delivering the Wolpe Lecture dedicated Dennis Brutus
Yash Tandon (Durban, March 2010)
What is global apartheid, and why do we fight it?
Crisis of the Capitalist System
Immanuel Wallerstein (Durban, November 2009)
No Paper available
Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict: What we can learn from Gandhi
Prof Norman G. Finkelstein (Durban, August 2009)
Durban Sings
Various (Durban, July 2009)
'Economic Crisis and Prospects for Social Revolution'
Alex Callinicos (Durban, June 2009)
No Paper available
Poverty and Xenophobia: State Failures, Social Challenges
Bishop Paul Verryn (Durban, May 2009)
The Democracy Gap
William Gumede (Durban, April 2009)
Civil Society Internationalism - from Lindela to Gaza to Washington
Giyani Dube, Lubna Nadvi and Kate Griffiths, plus songs by Timothy Rukombo (Durban, January 2009)
No Paper available
Who can best represent SA's dispossessed? Electoral opposition, or (un)civil society? (Both? Neither?)
Mosiuoa Lekota, Ashwin Desai and Dennis Brutus (Durban, December 2008)
Morgan Tsvangirai & Thokozani Khupe (Durban, November 2008)
No Paper available
Zimbabwe Solidarity Today
Tendai Biti & Bishop Rubin Philip (Durban, October 2008)
No Paper available
Wasted Lives
Muna Lakhani (Durban, September 2008)
No Paper available
Water for all
Patra Sindane, Jackie Dugard & Dale McKinley (Durban, August 2008)
No Paper available
Now's the time! Zimbabwe and Peoples Solidarity
Mary Chipende, Joy Mabenge, Richard Smith & Judith Todd (Durban, July 2008)
No Paper available
How do we solve our common problems?
Durban communities and social movements (Durban, June 2008)
No Paper available
Gender, States and Markets
Eunice Sahle (Durban, April 2008)
No Paper available
John Pilger joins CCS and CCA for Wolpe lecture
John Pilger (Durban, March 2008)
M & G Article
Xolela Mangcu gives Wolpe lecture
Xolela Mangcu (Durban, February 2008)
No Paper available
The World Social Forum
Trevor Ngwane (Durban, January 2008)
No Paper available
The State of SA's Social Movement
Mondli Hlatshwayo, Des D'Sa & Orlean Naidoo (Durban, November 2007)
No Paper available
Karl Marx at UKZN
Dennis Brutus (Durban, October 2007)
No Paper available
A Tradition of Activism
Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge (Durban, September 2007)
"Zimbabwe's Crisis, Civil Society's Responsibility"
Grace Kwinjeh (Durban, August 2007)
Emancipation and Epistemological Questions
Horace G. Campbell (Durban, July 2007)
A documentary by Ben Cashdan, Redi Direko and Meril Rasmussen (Durban, June 2007)
The Rise of the Disciplinary University
Jane Duncan (Durban, May 2007)
Making Real the Right to Housing
Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing (Durban, April 2007)
Activism for democracy
Prof Fatima Meer (Durban, February 2007)
The war on terror and the responsibility of resistance
George Galloway (British MP) (Durban, December 2006)
A call to leadership: The role of Africans in the development agenda
Njongonkulu Ndugane (Archbishop of Cape Town) (Durban, November 2006)
No Paper available
Wars in the Middle East: What citizens movements can do
Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington (Durban, August 2006)
No Paper available
Vans, autos, kombis and the drivers of social movements
Dr Ashwin Desai, Centre for Civil Society (Durban, August 2006)
The greatest threat to future stability in our country VS The greatest strength of Abahlali baseMjondolo movement, South Africa
Sbu Zikode Abahlali baseMjondolo movement (shack dwellers’ association) (Durban, June 2006)
The power of critical pedagogy
Prof Peter McLaren, Graduate School of Education, UCLA (Durban, May 2006)
No Paper available
The gender implications of the Zuma rape trial
Pregs Govender (Durban, May 2006)
No Paper available
After the interregnum: International aid in the service of security
Prof Alan Fowler, Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, December 2005)
Fowler Report
Regional labour solidarity and a new regional movement in post-apartheid Southern Africa: Retail workers in Mozambique and Zambia
Dr Darlene Miller and Greg Ruiters, Rhodes University (Durban, October 2005)
The struggle for Zimbabwe: Contesting the meaning of liberation
Wilfred Mhanda, Zimbabwean activist (Durban, September 2005)
Slow delivery in South Africa's land reform programme: The property clause revisited
Prof Lungisile Ntsebeza, University of Cape Town (Durban, August 2005)
No Paper available
Unions and social movements in South Africa: Will the twain ever meet?
Dinga Sikwebu, ex-National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Durban, July 2005)
No Paper available
Critical capacities: Facing the challenges of intellectual development in Africa
Prof Amina Mama, African Gender Institute (Durban, June 2005)
The rise of disaster capitalism
Naomi Klein, Independent writer (Durban, June 2005)
Good Muslim, bad Muslim: America, the Cold War and the origin of terror
Prof Mahmood Mamdani, Columbia University, New York (Durban, June 2005)
No Paper available
Is there any future in the past? A critique of the Freedom Charter in the era of neoliberalism
Console Tleane, Freedom of Expression Institute (Durban, May 2005)
Democracy and the importance of criticism, dissent and public dialogue
William Mervin Gumede, School of Public & Development Management, Wits University (Durban, April 2005)
Keeping it in their pants: Politicians, men and sexual assault in South Africa
Charlene Smith, journalist and author (Durban, March 2005)
The global justice movement: Old and new socialisms
Greg Albo (Durban, February 2005)
No Paper available
Imperialism and resistance
Tariq Ali, Editor: New Left Review and Verso (Durban, November 2004)
No Paper available
The global justice movement five years after Seattle
Prof Dennis Brutus, Dept of Africana Studies, University of Pittsburg (Durban, November 2004)
No Paper available
Building and sustaining a women's movement in the Zimbabwean crisis
Everjoice Win, Zimbabwean feminist activist (Durban, August 2004)
No Paper available
The politicisation of sexuality in post-apartheid South Africa
Prof Deborah Posel, Director: Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (Durban, August 2004)
No Paper available
Are we living the dream deferred?
Mark Gevisser, independent scholar (Durban, June 2004)
No Paper available
The state of the media ten years into democracy
Ferial Haffejee, Editor: Mail & Guardian (Durban, May 2004)
Ten years of democracy: A review
Prof Patrick Bond, University of the Witwatersrand (Durban, April 2004)
Capitalism and world (dis)order
Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, Johns Hopkins University (Durban, March 2004)
No Paper available
The Constitution: Ten years on, ten years to go
Zackie Achmat, Chairperson: Treatment Action Campaign (Durban, February 2004)
No Paper available
Why South African democracy has not reduced inequality
Prof Stephen Friedman (Durban, November 2003)
No Paper available
Another journalism is possible: Critical challenges for the media in South Africa
Jane Duncan, Freedom of Expression Institute (Durban, October 2003)
Education and social movements: From people's education to neoliberalism
Salim Vally (Durban, September 2003)
No Paper available
The African Renaissance and the neoliberal world order
Dr Neville Alexander (Durban, August 2003)
No Paper available
The death of race
David Theo Goldberg (Durban, July 2003)
No Paper available
Land: Critical choices for South Africa
Andile Mngxitama, National Land Committee (Durban, June 2003)
No Paper available
Passageways: Revisiting self, the society of the spectacle, and Moby Dick in the wake of September 11
Darryl Accone (Durban, May 2003)
A South African architecture: What is it, where is it?
Prof Alan Lipman (Durban, April 2003)
AIDS: Crisis and resistance
Prof Alan Whiteside and Mark Heywood (Durban, March 2003)
No Paper available
Inequality in South Africa
Prof Sampie Terreblanche, University of Stellenbosch (Durban, February 2003)
No Paper available
Organising for second freedom
Ela Bhatt, Founder: Self-Employed Women's Association, India (Durban, December 2002)
The (self-imposed) crisis of the black intellectual
Prof Jonathan Jansen, University of Pretoria (Durban, November 2002)
The Basic Income Grant: Poverty, politics and policy-making
Ravi Naidoo, National Labour and Economic Development Institute (Durban, October 2002)
Journalism in the age of the market
Prof Anton Harber, University of the Witwatersrand (Durban, September 2002)
No Paper available
Fences and windows: Fencing people out, fencing resources in, window of opportunity
Naomi Klein, columnist, author and activist; Discussant: Ashwin Desai, University of Natal (Durban, September 2002)
No Paper available
Cost recovery and municipal services in South Africa
Dr David McDonald, Queens University, Canada (Durban, August 2002)
African development: Are there alternatives to NEPAD?
Dr Stephen Gelb, The Edge Institute (Durban, July 2002)
No Paper available
The state of the nation
Prof Sipho Seepe, Vista University, and Dr Pallo Jordan, ANC MP (Durban, June 2002)
No Paper available