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CAPE TOWN Open dialogue events hosted by the Wolpe Trust national office


DURBAN Wolpe lecture series hosted by the Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal


JOHANNESBURG Wolpe seminar series hosted hosted by The Department of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand


EASTERN CAPE Wolpe lecture series hosted by the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council, Rhodes University, and the University of Fort Hare

  Johannesburg open dialogue events

Advancing the Cochamba People's Agreement at COP 17: Challenges and the Role of Civil Society
Pablo Solon (Johannesburg, November 2011)
No Paper available
Israel/Palestine:Where are we headed?
Prof Jeff Halper (Johannesburg, November 2011)
No Paper available
Land Reform and the Possibilities for Emerging Farmers in South Africa
Dr Maraka Makhuru , Mazibuko Jara (Johannesburg, October 2011)
No Paper available
What do changes in Labour mean for politics today?
Prof Jennifer Jihye Chun , Dr Peter Waterman, Prof Franco Barchiesi (Johannesburg, September 2011)
No Paper available
Politics in South Africa Today
William Gumede, Martin Legassick (Johannesburg, July 2011)
South Africa and India: Imperialism and / or Co-operation in the Indian Ocean arena?
Prof Dilip Menon, Prof Adam Habib, Prof Gilbert Khadiagala (Johannesburg, June 2011)
No Paper available
Local Government Elections: The Challenges for development
Gillian Hart, Edgar Pieterse (Johannesburg, May 2011)
Politics of Water: A Distorted Discourse
Mike Muller, Ahmed Veriava (Johannesburg, May 2011)
The Unmaking of Afrikanerdom
Dunbar Moodie (Johannesburg, March 2011)
The Mandela Decade:Labour, Culture and Society in Post Apertheid South Africa
Ari Sitas (Johannesburg, March 2011)
No Paper available
Song & Dance:Power, Consent and the ANC under Zuma and beyond
Hein Marais (Johannesburg, March 2011)
No Paper available
South Africa Pushed to the Limit
Hein Marais (Johannesburg, March 2011)
No Paper available
Lessons of the strike, Wave across South Africa
Frans Baleni (Johannesburg, October 2010)
The Politics and Economics of Food
Prof. J. Cock and Dr. S. Roberts (Johannesburg, August 2010)
No Paper available
Football's Tsars: Politics and Capital in the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Prof. S. Corenelissen, Dr. D. McKinley (Johannesburg, June 2010)
No Paper available
The Itinary of Social Democracy
Prof Donald Sassoon, Mr. Firoz Cachalia, chair, (Johannesburg, April 2010)
No Paper available
National Health Insurance? Or National Health System
Prof Di McIntyre Dr Karl von Holdt (Johannesburg, April 2010)
National Health Insurance or National Health System
Universities in Crisis:Transformation in Higher Education
Prof.Saleem Badat (Johannesburg, March 2010)
Marxism & renewal in the 21st Century
Michael Burrawoy (Johannesburg, March 2010)
Crisis of the Capitalist System
Immanuel Wallerstein (Johannesburg, October 2009)
No Paper available
Corruption in Politics: the Criminalisation of South African Politics
Dr Kwandi Kondlo & Terry Crawforde Browne (Johannesburg, October 2009)
No Paper available
Financialisation, Neo-Liberalism and the Crisis: Locating the Value of Labour Power
Prof Ben fine (Johannesburg, October 2009)
No Paper available
The Politics of Energy
Alec Erwin and Dr David Fig (Johannesburg, August 2009)
Obama and the Multiple Crises of Empire
Prof Robert Jensen (Johannesburg, May 2009)
No Paper available
The Global Economic Crisis: Causes and Consequences
Prof Patrick Bond (Johannesburg, May 2009)
No Paper available
Interpretations of the global financial crisis and their implications for South Africa
Patrick Bond (Johannesburg, February 2009)
The Developmental State in Africa
Brian Raftopoulos (Zimbabwean social & political analyst, now at Institute for Justice & Reconciliation) Vishwas Satgar (political activist & Executive Director, COPAC) (Johannesburg, May 2007)
No Paper available
Socio-economic rights, the judiciary, and the developmental state
Zac Yacoob, Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, and Geoff Budlender, Advocate of the High Court of South Africa (Johannesburg, November 2006)
No Paper available
The media’s view of the state
Ferial Haffejee, Editor of the Mail & Guardian, and Mondli Makhanya, Editor of the Sunday Times (Johannesburg, October 2006)
No Paper available
Beyond the developmental state
Prof Peter Evans, University of California, Berkeley (Johannesburg, August 2006)
No Paper available
Labour market flexibility: Will a social pact help?
Prof Halton Cheadle, Dept of Law, University of Cape Town, and Gwede Mantashe, General Secretary: National Union of Mineworkers (Johannesburg, October 2005)
Defining the public interest: The SABC as a public broadcaster
Dr Snuki Zikalala, Head of News: SABC, and Tawana Kupe, School of Language & Literature Studies, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, September 2005)
Black economic empowerment
Dali Mpofu, Group CEO of SABC, and Willy Madisha, Chairperson: Cosatu (Johannesburg, June 2005)
Social movements and the State
Mark Heywood, Treatment Action Campaign, and Trevor Ngwane, Anti-Privatisation Forum (Johannesburg, May 2005)
The Afrikaners: Who are they? What is their future?
Prof Jakes Gerwel, Mandela Rhodes Foundation, and Danie Goosen, Groep van 63 (Johannesburg, April 2005)
South Africa in Africa: In whose interest?
Kuseni Dlamini, AngloGold Ashanti, and Trevor Ncube, CEO Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg, March 2005)
The role of intellectuals in South Africa
Dr Blade Nzimande, General Secretary, South African Communist Party, and Dr Xolela Mangcu, Executive Director, Human Sciences Research Council (Johannesburg, February 2005)